Looking for a Women's Health Physiotherapist in Canberra?

Women’s health physiotherapy refers to conditions that are particular to women and can present at any point, often in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. There are many conditions related to women’s health and at Back In Strength, our women’s health physiotherapists support and guide women through these issues using a variety of treatments.

One of the main areas of women’s health are the changes associated with pregnancy and can be broken into two areas, Antenatal and Postnatal physiotherapy. Every mother, child and pregnancy are unique, which is why it’s important to work alongside a passionate and experienced women’s health physiotherapist.

Our women’s health physiotherapists are compassionate, discreet and welcoming, offering safe and private consultations. During the consultation you may be asked detailed questions about your previous medical history, bladder and bowel function, and obstetric history. Our women’s health physiotherapists will use a variety of treatment techniques suited to your individual situation.

Sometimes gentle mobilisation of the relevant joints and muscles, strapping and stretches can make the world of difference. Our Pilates classes help consolidate strength and stability, and ensure your posture remains optimal during pregnancy.

**Please note – We do not currently offer internal examinations at Back In Strength

Our women’s health physiotherapists are compassionate, discreet and welcoming, offering safe and private consultations.

General Women's Health

There are a number of women’s health conditions that can be treated by physiotherapy, either improving or fixing the issue. Using a combination of real time ultrasound to identify which muscles are under or over working, plus specific exercises and stretches, can all help resolve these issues.

Common Conditions

Increased frequency of urination
Pelvic girdle pain


Dry needling
Bladder and bowel retraining
Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Antenatal Women's Health Services

During pregnancy, pain and dysfunction can interfere with your experience. At Back in Strength we are adept at caring for mums-to-be, catering to the individual through personalised treatment plans. Our assessments evaluate your posture and strength, and pelvic stability, which becomes poorer as a result of the pregnancy hormones.

Common Conditions

Back Pain
Pelvic girdle pain
Rib and neck pain


Antenatal Pilates Classes
Massage and taping
Pelvic Floor exercises
Musculoskeletal manual therapy
SRC pregnancy tights and shorts

Post Natal Women's Health Services

After you have delivered your precious bundle, and your body recovers from both the pregnancy and the delivery, you may think it is taking a while to feel 100%. We can assist your recovery, through treatment, activating core and postural muscles, and joining one of our post natal classes.

There are many ways we can help you achieve your goals towards an active and healthy lifestyle, by treating your women’s health conditions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and our team can provide more information for your individual situation.

Common Conditions

Low back pain
Pelvic girdle instability and pain
Problems with neck and shoulder areas from lifting and breastfeeding
DRAM – or abdominal muscle separation
Weak pelvic floor or incontinence
Fatigue and lack of endurance


Post Natal Pilates (Mums and Bubs)
Mastitis treatment
Musculoskeletal manual therapy
Pelvic floor rehabilitation
Abdominal binder or SRC recovery shorts and tights (available on site)

Products We Sell

Olive & Bee Natural Lubricant

TENS Machine

SRC Tights & Shorts

Pelvic Braces

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