Physiotherapy Services in Canberra

Are you in pain and looking for the solution? Our experienced physiotherapists are highly qualified to assess your condition, help you get out of pain quickly and back to what you love doing. Whether you have back pain, a niggly knee or a sudden “catch’ in your shoulder – physiotherapy can get you ‘Back In Strength’!

Physiotherapy is an evidence based treatment option for a variety of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint pain) or painful conditions (* need to change slightly). Treatment helps the body optimise its healing process, using a range of techniques including hands on manual therapy, joint mobilisations, massage, dry needling, taping and many other forms of treatment.

Combining appropriate rehabilitation programs with manual treatment assists in achieving long term pain relief and prevention of recurring injuries (or solutions). Physiotherapists are expert health professionals, specialising in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of physical dysfunction or pain. By working with the patient, a physiotherapist’s aim is to restore optimal movement and performance by addressing the cause of the condition.

A physiotherapist’s aim is to restore optimal movement and performance by addressing the cause of the condition.

What Physiotherapy Can Treat & How We Help

Common Conditions:

Arthritis, both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
Back and neck pain
Chronic tight muscles and reduced flexibility
Mobility and strengthening
Neurological problems (Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s Disease)
Postural issues
Shoulder, hip and knee strains
Sports injuries
Tendonitis and bursitis
Women’s or men’s specific health issues


Clinical Pilates and Redcord
Dizziness and balance treatment
Excellent assessments and diagnosis
Hands on treatment
Home visits
Myofascial treatment
Orthopaedic rehabilitation
Performance, Strength and Conditioning
Pre and post natal physiotherapy and exercise
Running and cycling assessments
Taping and dry needling

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