Looking for Reformer Classes in Canberra?

Reformer classes are group Pilates workouts, with all clients following the teachers instruction. Our reformer classes are small, just 8 participants, ensuring adequate supervision from our physiotherapists. The exercises are predominantly performed on the Reformer, a piece of Pilates equipment that promotes core stability, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Use of small apparatus and mat work is also included. These classes are challenging, have a wide variety of repertoire and are lots of fun – the hour goes very quickly!

About the class:

  • 55 minutes long
  • 8 people per class
  • Intermediate to Experienced
  • Run by a physiotherapist
  • Claimable on private health

This class is recommended for clients who do not suffer any current pain or musculoskeletal condition, or who have progressed from Clinical Pilates on the advice of their physiotherapist.

Reformer classes are challenging, have a wide variety of repertoire and are lots of fun!

What to Expect from a Reformer Pilates Class

Most clients who attend the Reformer classes are progressing from our Clinical Pilates classes and therefore do not need a separate assessment to join this class. If you are a new client and are wanting to join the Reformer Class directly, you will need to book in for an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

Common Conditions:

Ensuring optimal core strength and flexibility
Keeping the whole body toned and pain free
Maintaining or developing excellent posture
Keeping good muscle mass and joint health
Preventing and maintaining healthy, pain free spines

*An initial assessment or approval from your Clinical Pilates physiotherapist is required to join this class

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