Looking for Redcord Suspension Classes in Canberra?

Looking for a challenge that will keep you supple and strong? Everyone who tries Redcord falls in love with the challenge and complexity. Join elite athletes all over the world, who include weekly Redcord workouts to keep their performance optimal. It provides a higher challenge, in less time with no pain – although you will definitely be working hard. It can also cater for rehabilitation – but that may start with the full suspension system in our treating rooms. Our Redcord class is a wonderful adjunct to Pilates or gym work, providing an extremely challenging workout for your core muscles and stability systems.

About the Class:

  • 30 minutes long
  • 2 people per class
  • Beginner to Experienced
  • Run by a physiotherapist
  • Claimable on private health

These classes are 30 minutes long, quite intense and there are just 2 persons per session, giving your instructor plenty of time for quality feedback and accurate instruction. The classes use a suspension system to assist in your acute and long term treatment. It is ideal for high performing athletes – golfers, swimmers, soccer players, rowers, runners.

Redcord classes provide an extremely challenging workout for your core muscles and stability systems.

What to Expect from a Redcord Class

Before joining this class you will need to book a Redcord assessment to get started, and sometimes a few private sessions to gain the correct strength and form, then you can start progressing through our levels of Redcord classes (from level 1 to 3).

Common Conditions:

Elite athletes wanting high performance and resilience
Faulty movement patterns or recurrent injuries
Ongoing low back pain
Shoulder pain
Poor gluteal strength and patterning

*An initial assessment is required to join this class

Looking to Make an Appointment?

Booking either an appointment is the most convenient way to lock in the practitioner & time you want. Need assistance? Give us a call, Back in Strength is here to help!