ONERO Program - Osteoporosis Exercise in Canberra

When it comes to bones we know exercise can benefit people throughout their life – by growing bigger stronger bones in childhood, improving bones throughout adulthood and preventing falls that can lead to fracture as we age.”

– Professor Belinda Beck. Director, The Bone Clinic

Not all exercise is created equal.

But not all exercise is effective. Research has demonstrated that only certain types of exercise improve bone health. Onero™ is an osteoporosis treatment based on exercise designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals.

Osteoporosis Australia

To find out more about osteoporosis and Onero™ please visit the Osteoporosis Australia (OA) website. OA is Australia’s leading advocacy group for sufferers of osteoporosis and are committed to exercise for bone health. They have partnered with The Bone Clinic, the developers of Onero™, to disseminate this effective exercise program throughout Australia. OA have a great explainer video on the Onero™ program and how it can:

1) increase bone density;
2) strengthen muscle; and
3) reduce the risk of falls.


To be safe and effective the program must be supervised by a physiotherapist or accredited exercise physiologist who is trained and Licensed to deliver the program. Our Back In Motion practice is now Licensed to deliver Onero™ to our clients with or at risk of osteoporosis. Onero™ is appropriate for adults of any age wishing to reduce their risk of osteoporotic fracture.

One of the great features of Onero™ is that you don’t need to exercise five days of the week. Research has found that just twice a week is enough to stimulate bone, improve muscle and help prevent falls. In fact, the original research that underpins Onero™ included only 1 hour of exercise a week.

[1] Beck BR and Weis LJ: Translating high intensity loading for osteoporosis to the real world: Two year observations from The Bone Clinic. Research to Practice Annual Scientific Meeting of Exercise and Sports Science Australia, Brisbane, Australia, 27-29 March 2018 (Winner: Practitioner Award)


To start Onero™ we recommend a visit to your local GP as you may be eligible for a General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP). A GPMP allows up to 5 visits that are reimbursed through Medicare. This brochure allows the GP to read about the exercise program and decide whether Onero™ is right for you.

If you are not eligible for a GPMP you may be able to claim the cost of your visit through private health insurance. Pease call us for an appointment.

Looking to Make an Appointment?

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Kevin KeeffeKevin Keeffe
03:40 06 Dec 23
A careful planning process with the client to develop a small class clinical pilates program, with great and careful supervision from Brie. Good equipment and plenty of room in the studio in Deakin
Diana GrangerDiana Granger
14:25 14 Jul 23
Guinea GoldGuinea Gold
22:19 25 Oct 21
Jean was amazing! Friendly, evidence-based and positive. First went to see her when I was in huge pain and facing surgery. She took the time to work out how to reduce my pain and started me on a program to treat my injury. Several months later - no pain, no weakness and no need for surgery. Highly recommended!
Joe HatchJoe Hatch
02:08 11 Aug 21
Lovely staff and very helpful advice and rehab help
Tracie WilliamsTracie Williams
11:15 28 Jul 21
First time goer and not the last! Hamish spent time hearing about my injury and a doable plan was made for me. The app they use lets me remember what exercises I have to do and the ability to touch base during visits using the app keeps myself and Hamish on the same page. Strongly recommend Back In Strength.
Louise BresnahanLouise Bresnahan
22:51 24 Jun 21
The best physio practice in Canberra!Everyone is so friendly and professional and l thoroughly enjoy my Pilates classes. One on one treatment sessions are very be beneficial too.I've recommended them a few times on a couple of fb groups I'm in and others have seconded the recommendation.Definitely the best at what they do.
Jan BakerJan Baker
02:26 10 Aug 20
I have found Back in Strength to be very professional. After looking in other places, my neurosurgeon recommended Back in Strength to me after spinal fusion surgery. The treatment was tailored to my personal needs and explanations were made clear. It was a one-to-one experience which was followed up with home exercise., which could be digitally monitored.
Lisa ColquhounLisa Colquhoun
09:21 13 Jun 19
I have been attending Back in Strength for 5 years. I started Clinical Pilates, for a back condition, with Anne, then Jo and now Maeve, all who provide a professional approach to rehab. Working with me, they have developed and supervised an exercise program designed for my condition, with regular reviews and updating. Their knowledge and holistic approach has enabled me to improve strength, endurance, standing and sitting tolerances. I continue to attend weekly and cannot imagine otherwise. Highly recommend.
Melinda KouparitsasMelinda Kouparitsas
01:40 13 Jun 19
The Back-in-Strength Physios are amazing, I have been going to them for four years after some major injuries and extensive back surgery. They helped with my rehab and now I choose to continue with weekly clinical Pilates classes and live a pain free life. I have had classes with many of the physios and would recommend them all - currently with the awesome Maeve.